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How to Choose the Right Carbon Steel Strip for Metal Forming

Carbon steel is a popular choice for metal forming and metal stamping products for the wide variety of finishes and rigidity. When choosing a cold rolled carbon steel strip, it’s important to know what softness is best for your project. Below are the varieties of carbon steel strip you can choose for your project, and for which applications each type is best suited.

No 1: Hard

graphic rendering of a hard carbon steel strip

For stamping or punching flat pieces requiring rigidity and strength.

No 2: Half-Hard

graphic rendering of a half-hard carbon steel strip

For simple blanking operations. Will bend at sharp right angle across the grain (direction of rolling).

No 3: Quarter Hard

graphic rendering of a quarter hard carbon steel strip

Will bend flat on itself across the grain. Takes some bending with the grain.

No 4: Pinch Pass or Skin Rolled

graphic rendering of a pinch pass steel strip

For tubing, moulding, some deep drawing. Will bend both directions of the grain.

No 5: Dead Soft

graphic rendering of a dead soft carbon steel strip

For deep drawing and difficult forming. Extremely soft, it will bend flat on itself both directions of the grain.

Unsure which carbon steel strip to choose? Contact us for guidance on your project.

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