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How to Choose Between Metal Stamping and Metal Fabrication


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Are you considering a project, but are unsure if you should choose metal stamping or fabrication? This handy reference guide will break down the difference between these two methods and which you should choose for your project.

What is Metal Stamping?

Metal stamping is the process of converting flat metal sheets into specific shapes. It encompasses a variety of metal stamping techniques including blanking, punching, bending and piercing. Simply put, a large metal sheet is placed on a press and then bent, folded or stretched into shape. There are two main types of metal stamping: short run stamping and progressive stamping.

Metal stamping is generally the go-to for repeat, large-order parts because it’s easier to create large quantities.

What is Metal Fabrication?

If you don’t need large quantities or require a part with more custom elements such as holes or cutouts, metal fabrication may be a better choice. Metal fabrication manipulates metal through bending and stretching and is more versatile and labor-intensive than metal stamping.

Is Your Part a Fit for Metal Stamping or Fabrication?

If you’re unsure what method is best for your metalforming project, refer to the following chart to help you decide.

Metal Stamping/Tooled Metal Fabrication
Improved Tolerance Prototypes & Betas
Lower Piece Price Low Volume
Repeatability Oversized Parts
Lead Time Design Flexibility
Fewer Operations In Turret Tapping
Better CPK Mitigated Tooling Cost
Drawn Parts Shorter Initial Lead Time

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