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Considerations when Metal Stamping for Medical Applications

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Now more than ever, medical products are in high demand. When designing metal stamping parts for medical applications, there are a few key considerations that are unique to medical applications. Keep these considerations in mind when designing and choosing metal stamping for the best product.

Considerations for Medical Applications


Materials & Coating

The right materials are critical for medical applications. Choosing the right materials ensures a high-quality part that can withstand daily use. Dayton Rogers manufacturers’ various medical items out of aluminum, such as enclosures and chassis, as well as items out of steel & stainless steel for instrumentation and equipment.

When creating metal stamped and metal formed parts for the medical industry, the right plating too is critical. Dayton Rogers uses accredited vendors key to your medical metalforming projects:

· Anodizing

· Hard Coat Anodizing

· Electropolishing

· Powder Coating

· Zinc Plating


When it comes to medical applications, precision is critical. Everything must fit together exactly, without any variations. When designing medical parts, it’s important to select the right tolerance. Flatness tolerances are also crucial to consider when designing. The specific tolerance will depend on the part and material, but it’s important to consider at all stages of the manufacturing process.

Why You Should Choose Dayton Rogers for Medical Applications

Dayton Rogers has defined engineering and manufacturing in the metalforming industry. From design to prototype for production, our dedicated teams will partner with you for the best product. We’ve served the medical industry on various projects, including:

• Medical Instrumentation

• Anesthesia Machines

• Beds

• CT Scanner Components

• Monitor Mounts

• Sterilization Equipment

• Medical Accessories

• Surgical Equipment

• Ventilators



This consideration is most critical when selecting a metal stamper. When considering options, you’ll want to be sure to select a company that has the right certifications. At Dayton Rogers you will work with a metal stamper that is ISO 9000 certified – this is applicable to metal stamping, sheet metal fabrication, machining, and assembly and built to customer requirements. At Dayton Rogers, we hold the following certifications:

• ISO 9001:2015

• AS 9100:2016


• MIL-I-45208

Our services include:


Progressive, Modular, Deep Draw


Laser, Turret, Brake Press


Robotic , Arc, Mig, Tig, Spot

CNC Machining


Mechanical, Hardware Insertion

• In-House Tool Room

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