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The Red Book at a Glance: Punched Holes

Dec 21 2021

Identification of these punched holes can provide the basis for determining the inspection parameters. Roll-over is the natural consequence of the punching process, the mechanical properties of the material being punched, and the die application of techniques employed.
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The Red Book at a Glance: Piercing Round Holes

Nov 19 2021

In our last blog, we dove into the forth chapter of the Metalforming Design Handbook, also known as the "Red Book," which industry leaders recognize as the go-to manual for precision metal forming practices. Chapter Four taught us about blank design. Now, join us as we take a closer look at piercing round holes in Chapter Five!
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The Red Book at a Glance: Blank Design

Oct 28 2021

In our last blog, we dove into the third chapter of the Metalforming Design Handbook, also known as the "Red Book," which industry leaders recognize as the go-to manual for precision metal forming practices. Chapter Three taught us about edge conditions. Now, join us as we take a closer look at blank designs in Chapter Four!
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The Red Book at a Glance: Edge Conditions

Sep 27 2021

In our last blog, we dove into the second chapter of the Metalforming Design Handbook, also known as the "Red Book," which industry leaders recognize as the go-to manual for precision metal forming practices. Chapter Two taught us about tolerances and how they vary for Short Run Metal Stampings according to the part's design.
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Dayton Rogers Combats Price Increases in Manufacturing

Sep 20 2021

Think back to a year ago. As the pandemic made its way into the United States and other countries worldwide, consumers were panic buying due to the scarcity of products and fear of the unknown. Today, on the flip side, companies are the ones furiously trying to stock up to relieve anxieties and regain control.
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The Red Book at a Glance: Tolerances

Aug 26 2021

In our last blog, we dove into the first chapter of the Metalforming Design Handbook, also known as the “Red Book,” which industry leaders recognize as the go-to manual for precision metal forming practices. Chapter One taught us how to use short-run stampings and compared the process to typical fabrication methods in terms of technique and price.
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The Red Book at a Glance: How to Use Short Run Stampings

Jul 27 2021

Dayton Rogers is proud of our commitment to searching for continuous advancements and sharing our knowledge with others in the manufacturing space. We believe in developing our team and are constantly looking for innovative ways to exceed customer expectations.
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Metal Stamping 101: How It Works & Types

Jun 22 2021

Metal stamping has been a critical component of the manufacturing industry since the industrial revolution. In fact, one of its earliest use cases was in Germany to produce frames and handlebars for bicycles. Since then, it has evolved into an essential part of the production of parts and components for a wide variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, and others.
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Benefits of a Manufacturer with a Broad Service Offering

May 25 2021

When it comes to metal manufacturing services, a single line of purchasing for fabrication needs is ideal for a variety of reasons. Instead of having to go to multiple businesses, you can just go to one location for all your needs. Deciding to outsource multiple manufacturing services from a single shop is much like shopping at a supercenter such as Walmart, as the same convenience is present as you shop for a wide range of items.
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Dayton Rogers to Attend Design-2-Part Trade Show in Atlanta, GA

May 20 2021

Dayton Rogers is pleased to announce that we will be attending the Design-2-Part Trade Show in Atlanta, GA on May 26 & 27.
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Reasons You Should Pursue a Career with Dayton Rogers

May 06 2021

At Dayton Rogers, we recognize that for our employees to be engaged, productive, and drive high customer satisfaction, it starts with us. Instead of trying to get more out of our employees, we focus on investing more in them. This makes them feel like the valued team member that they are and inspires them to bring the best version of themselves to work every day. From there, good performance comes naturally.
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Dayton Rogers Location Spotlight: Columbus, Ohio

Apr 22 2021

Dayton Rogers has four locations throughout the United States in the states of Minnesota, Texas, Ohio, and South Carolina. This month, we are excited to highlight our Columbus, Ohio plant!
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Types of Metal Finishes in Manufacturing

Mar 22 2021

If you look around the room you’re in, you’ll likely see multiple objects that are made with some type of metal. And, while you may not necessarily see the metal at first glance, several other objects around you probably host metal on the inside of their casing. You’ll realize very quickly that metal plays a major role in our everyday lives.
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How to Determine the Best Method for Heat Treating

Feb 19 2021

Heat treating is a group of industrial, thermal, and metalworking processes used to alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, properties of a material.
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U.S. Steel Prices May Trend Lower in 2021

Jan 19 2021

A hot topic of discussion in today’s manufacturing space is steel pricing. The onset of COVID-19 produced a sharp contraction in economic activity in the early months of 2020, causing steel prices to fluctuate.
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5 Metal Fabrication Trends Predicted to Dominate 2021

Dec 15 2020

It feels as though we blinked and here we are wrapping up a very historic and unpredictable year.
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Dayton Rogers: Your One Stop Shop for Metal Forming

Nov 17 2020

If you’re in the market for precision metal forming, then look no further. Dayton Rogers is your one-stop-shop for metal stamping, welding, sheet metal fabrication and more.
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Celebrating Manufacturing Month the Dayton Rogers Way

Oct 28 2020

Metal stamping and fabrication are techniques used to create all kinds of products from thumb tacks to aerospace parts and architectural materials.
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What are Metal Stamping and Fabrication?

Sep 08 2020

Metal stamping and fabrication are techniques used to create all kinds of products from thumb tacks to aerospace parts and architectural materials.
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The Rules for Piercing Metal You Need to Know

Aug 06 2020

When piercing holes in metal, there are a few critical rules to observe.
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5 Rules for Metal Blanking

Jul 06 2020

When creating metal blanks, there are a few rules to keep in mind.
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Designing an Economical Blank for Precision Metal Stamping

Jun 04 2020

When designing metal blanks for precision metal stamping, follow these guidelines for best results.
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What’s the Right Height for Your Metalforming Part? [Free Chart]

May 14 2020

When metalforming, the height of the form is critical. Use this free chart to find the right height for your part.
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Considerations when Metal Stamping for Medical Applications

Apr 27 2020

When designing metal parts for medical products, there are a few key considerations you must keep in mind.
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Why You Should Choose Dayton Rogers for Metal Stampings and Fabrications

Mar 17 2020

You get quality products, reliable service, and fast delivery — guaranteed — from Dayton Rogers. You can count on Dayton Rogers. Four generations already have.
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How Metal Stampers are Preparing for the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Mar 06 2020

We’ve all seen the rise of electric and autonomous vehicles out on the road – but what does this mean for stampers and manufacturers? These new vehicles present unique opportunities and unique challenges.
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5 Manufacturing Technologies Inspired by Science Fiction

Feb 03 2020

Here’s a look at some current manufacturing technologies that were inspired by science fiction stories.
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How to Choose Between Metal Stamping and Metal Fabrication

Jan 06 2020

This handy reference guide will break down the difference between these two methods and which you should choose for your project.
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Shalene Singh Wins 2019 Women of Excellence in Metal Forming & Fabrication Award

Dec 11 2019

Dayton Rogers is proud to announce that Shalene Singh has been named a 2019 Woman of Excellence in Metal Forming & Fabrication.
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Flatness Tolerances for Metal Stampings [Free Chart]

Nov 01 2019

Commonly used flatness tolerances for metal stamping, laser and turret.
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How to Choose the Right Carbon Steel Strip for Metal Forming

Oct 10 2019

When choosing a cold rolled carbon steel strip, it’s important to know what softness is best for your project.
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Practical Tolerances for Short Run Metal Stampings

Aug 30 2019

Check out this guide for practical tolerances for short run metal stampings.
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Dimensioning Practices for Press Brake

Aug 05 2019

Practical experience has proven that dimensioning and measuring practices must both be understood and agreed on by all parties to achieve a workable, mutual standard. Here are the dimensioning practices for press brake.
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How to Calculate Tonnage [Free Formula]

Jul 11 2019

The Tonnage Formula is the pressure required in tons to cut a blank or contour using a flat faced punch with no shear. Having the ability to calculate the tonnages for a sheet metal project is vital for the completion and success of your project.
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The Minimum Bend Radius for Aluminum

Jun 03 2019

This free chart outlines what bend radii is required for the approximate thickness of aluminum.
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How to Position the Metal Form

May 06 2019

Here’s how to position the form for the most desirable quality.
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3 Ways to Improve Edge Conditions

Apr 01 2019

During shearing and punching, there are a number of factors to keep in mind to improve edge conditions.
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How to Pierce Round Holes in Metal Stampings

Mar 01 2019

Many metal stampings require holes, but there are several considerations when choosing where to place a hole and how to pierce the hole.
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How to Prevent Fractures in Metalforming

Feb 04 2019

If you are encountering fractures in your metalforming pieces, there are a few steps you can take to prevent them.
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Dayton Rogers Turns 90!

Jan 01 2019

In 1929, Dayton A. Rogers founded a new manufacturing company and altered the business of metal manufacturing forever. 90 years later, his legacy continues as Dayton Rogers impacts the world of manufacturing with its innovations now and into the future.
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Typical Parts Price Comparison of Variations in Materials and Design/CAD

Nov 08 2018

Comparing cost impact of the several variables is difficult. To help explain the impact, we have selected a sample part and shown the price range that you could reach depending on how you control your design.
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Short Run Stamping vs. Progressive Stamping: Which is Right for Your Project?

Oct 05 2018

You may have heard the terms “short run stamping” and “progressive stamping” before. What is the difference between the two?
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Cutting Tap Drill Sizes [Free Chart]

Sep 10 2018

Get your free Cutting Tap Drill Sizes chart so you can easily find the specs you need.
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9 Ways to Promote Manufacturing as a Rewarding Career Path

Jul 25 2018

As manufacturing tries to attract Millennials and Generation Z, there’s been a national conversation on how to promote manufacturing careers in 2018 and beyond. Here are some ideas for promoting manufacturing careers we all can follow.
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3 Reasons Why Manufacturing is an Awesome Career

Jul 02 2018

Did you know that manufacturing jobs hire fresh out of high school and offer competitive benefits? Manufacturing is poised to be a hot new career – as well as offering a literal hands-on job and a creative outlet, manufacturing is financially competitive as well.
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How Manufacturers Are Fighting Back Against the Skills Gap

Jun 01 2018

For decades, the U.S. manufacturing industry was a backbone of the economy and a thriving, highly desirable industry. Now, many manufacturers struggle to find new workers to replace those who are retiring. You’ve probably heard of the skills gap in the news, but what is it and how can it be fixed?
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4 Key Considerations When Designing for Laser Cutting

May 01 2018

Lasers are a popular choice for short run stampings or more precise parts. While lasers in many ways make manufacturing simpler, there are some unique considerations you need to make before designing a part for laser cutting.
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6 Ways Short Run Stampings are Better than Typical Fabrication Methods

Apr 04 2018

Looking to save money on your custom fabrication project? Short run stampings offer an economical way to produce parts in quantities from prototype to 100,000 pieces with short lead times.
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How to Save Money With Short Run Stampings

Mar 08 2018

Short run stampings are a cost-effective way of keeping costs low while still delivering excellent results.
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Deciphering the 2018 Tax Changes

Feb 19 2018

President Trump recently signed a tax reform bill into law. Confused? We’ll break down how it impacts your business.
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